Overpopulation, and overconsumption are the root causes of environmental destruction. Environmental destruction is the major cause of climate change.


The Victorian Climate Action Calendar aims to inform people of events they can learn from, participate in, be inspired by, use as example, and to simply take heart from, in knowing that they are not working in isolation.

The VCAC is often referred to as “the glue” of the Victorian climate movement. So many groups and individuals are working very hard on climate action, but people cannot attend events unless they know about them.

The calendar was started June 2007 as the Climate Action Calendar (the CAC) in response to a perceived need. Initially calendars were mailed out fortnightly and events were aimed at my greater local community. Soon the CAC became more widely known, and it became obvious that the it needed to expand. The CAC became Victoria-wide and the – now – VCAC became a weekly calendar.

Since August 2007 the calendar has been sent out every week with a two week break in February 2009.  Instead of the regular mailout I provided a link to this article: Thoughts on the Victorian Bushfires by Andrew Campbell.

updating info…

Depending on what is on, it can take from 1 to more than 2 days per week to compile each calendar. Event information is e-mailed to me by organisations, groups and individuals and in addition I trawl several websites, newsletters and e-bulletins for information. Some of the entries require follow up by telephone for clarification or further information.

There are also often queries to address that arise from the mail-outs such as:
“ can you tell me who is organising the 24hr absence of electricity etc so I can give further info at our staff meeting?” (J)
“Can you please tell me who to contact about organising an ethical shopping tour. We would like to have one here in our town.” (L)
“Do you know of any climate action groups in the Belgrave area” (G)
“Someone has organised for climate denier WK to come and speak at an event here along the coast, we want to take some action. Can you give me some ideas as to how to best deal with the event and prepare for it.” (L)

It is impossible to say how many people access the VCAC. I am often amazed, and thrilled, to see how many websites, and newsletters make reference to the VCAC. Many groups, organisations, schools and individuals forward it to their members and other interested people, who in turn forward it to others. There are also some out of state subscribers who like to keep tabs on what we here in Victoria are doing.

The VCAC would not be what it is if it were not for the people who keep me updated about events, those who give me feed-back about the calendar and those who bolster me when I find it difficult to gather the impetus do put together ‘yet another’ edition.

David Robinson set up the website for me and taught me how to administer it,  and I have had assistance from Michael Rosenbrock in the past and now from William An, with the tricky technological bits of administering a website and compiling mailchimp mailouts.

The selection of comments below gives an idea of the variety of subscribers and other recipients:

Members of the general public:
“I have just got around to looking at the calendar and am gobsmacked at the content and the energy of people. And I thought I was busy…” (S)
“If only every family lifted 2 or 3 things from the VCAC list and acted, we could make a difference.” (C)
“Can I please subscribe to The CAC. I forward it to my local school environment committee and know they can plan to attend things. I get it thru my local sustainability group but it sometimes gets forwarded on a bit late…” (F)
“Great calendar! It’s very affirming to see all the amazing discussions, groups, forums, etc, that are going on….. ” (N)
“I found the subscription info from the Sustainable Melbourne website and I live in South Yarra. Please put me on the list.” (V)

Local Climate Action Group member:

“I think you’re helping more CAGs through the calendar than anyone realises.” (P)
”… It was nice to be able to put a face to your name. I was also at the EV meeting on Saturday – it was so busy, I didn’t get the chance to say that I am impressed with your calendar – it is very comprehensive, and I like that it is in word so I can add to it for myself..” (G)

Victorian Government:

“subscribe calendar” (name) – Advisor – Climate Change, Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Innovation

Uni Student:
“The calendar is really valuable to me. I started studying Sustainability at Swinburne this year and wasn’t really ‘in the loop’ – the calendar has really helped me find out about events and through attending, build my network!” (S)
I found out about the calendar through the Melbourne Uni Enviro Collective! subscribe me please (V)

University Lecturer:
“The VCAC is one of the most concise and detailed newsletters around…….” (Y)

Local Council Sustainability coordinator:
“Could I please be put onto your mailing list. I currently receive your fantastic calendar at work, but would like to get it at home too.” (E)

Environmental consultant:
“I think it is great that people can become more engaged with climate change by knowing about all these events ….and the weekly calendar makes sure that Climate change doesn’t lose its urgency as an issue for people that are concerned about it.” (R)

High School teacher:

“I am the Sustainability Co-ordinator at C…School and I really enjoyed receiving this calendar. It was forwarded to me from our Head of Junior Science at our school. Could you please add me to your mail out list …….. I have a student group who would be keen to attend some of these events.” (A)

Environmental educator:
“I refer to it all the time and make note of events in my diary as soon as it arrives… You must spend so much time compiling it, along with your busy life, it is amazing that you always complete it in time.…….I pass the event dates along to friends and other Educators and Conservationists. Thank you so much, your efforts, so very much appreciated,” (C)
Another brilliant calendar. What a great service you provide. It seems to me that more interesting stuff is being organised everywhere…?” (F)

In February 2009 I took a short break and provided a link to this article instead of mailing a VCAC:  Thoughts on the Victorian Bushfires by Andrew Campbell.

Response from readers:
thank you for the article and link to the triplehelix website – some people at my work also found this very interesting. Hope you and the animals are well, and recovering after the bushfires. I also wanted to let you know that i and many others are missing your super VCAC, and hope you get back to it soon. but don’t work too hard and take care!” (M)
Great article, very timely, thank you so much. (M)

The VCAC is non-funded

The VCAC received nominations for the 2009 Green Awards, and the 2010 Kookaburras awards.